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Teatro stabile
di innovazione
del Friuli Venezia Giulia
via Crispi 65
33100 Udine - Italy

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/ Forthcoming productions
Il treno / The train
year of production: 2016
A performance staged in episodes, it envisions a train departing from Udine to Rome, the same journey made by Pier Paolo Pasolini when he left Udine for Rome in 1950.
PPP Ultimo inventario prima di liquidazione / PPP Last inventory before liquidation
year of production: 2016
by ricci/forte, freely inspired by the works of Pier Paolo Pasolini
Treno Corsaro - In viaggio con Pasolini / Corsair Train - Travelling with Pasolini
year of production: 2016
In the spring of 2016, on the day of Pasolini’s birth, March 5, a travelling show aboard a special Trenitalia passenger train will begin its journey across Italy, departing from Udine station en route to Matera.
La ramificazione del pidocchio / The Spread of the Head Louse
year of production: 2015
Pasolini was the first by a long margin to identify the anthropological transformation of the Italian people, a transformation now fully complete. In this new work, ricci/forte tune into Pasolini’s prescient vision, creating an intimate, close-range performance for a small group of spectators in search of an antidote to, and means of resisting, the barbarism in which our society is immersed.

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