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Teatro stabile
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/ New productions
Diary of a Serbian Housewife / Diario di una casalinga serba
year of production: 2015
Fuga Pasolini_ Ballo 1922 / Fuga Pasolini_ The Dance of 1922
year of production: 2015
a training project towards creation, by Virgilio Sieni
Il sole e gli sguardi / The sun and the glance
year of production: 2015
Pier Paolo Pasolini's poetry as a self-portrait

by Luigi Lo Cascio, from the poetical works of Pier Paolo Pasolini
Materiali per una tragedia tedesca / Materials for a German Tragedy
year of production: 2015
directed by Fabrizio Arcuri, written by Antonio Tarantino
Non c'è acqua più fresca / There is no fresher water
year of production: 2015
by Giuseppe Battiston, songs and original live music Piero Sidoti, dramaturgy Renata M. Molinari, direction and scenery Alfonso Santagata
The Ghosts
year of production: 2015
Constanza Macras, one of the most remarkable figures in contemporary dance, presents The Ghosts, a work of total theatre. This piece creates a breath taking short-circuit between dance, theatre, live music and circus: one of the arts China is most strongly associated with in the global imagination. A realm of balance and acrobatics that challenge the very laws of gravity.
Furia avicola
year of production: 2013
Two single-act plays exploring the end of art and the absurdity of bureaucracy, by Rafael Spregelburd

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