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Cecità / Blindness
/ Cecità / Blindness
From the masterpiece novel by the Portuguese Nobel Laureate in Literature, José Saramago, a visionary modern day parable adapted for the theatre by Gigi Dall'Aglio.
year 2004
text Josè Saramago
italian translation by Rita Desti
directed by theatrical adaptation by Gigi Dall'Aglio
cast Roberto Abbati, Francesco Accomando, Maria Ariis, Paolo Bocelli, Cristina Cattellani, Fabiano Fantini, Rita Maffei, Ciro Masella, Renato Rinaldi, Tania Rocchetta, Roberta Sferzi, Massimo Teruzzi, Marcello Vazzoler
set & lighting design direction, set design and costumes by undergraduates attending the IUAV (the University of Venice Faculty of Arts and Design) specialist degree course workshop in Theatre Science and Technical Design, under the direction of Gigi Dall'Aglio, Giacomo Andrico, Vera Marzot
lighting design Alberto Bevilacqua
music sound engineer Renato Rinaldi
additional details video design and editing by Davide Ortelli, Stefano Vigo and Marco Zampieri (IUAV - Clast)
production Fondazione Teatro Due - CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG in co-production with the Teatro di Roma
A mysterious infectious disease which robs all those affected of their sight, begins to spread across society, soon becoming an epidemic. Segregated and confined to an old abandoned mental asylum guarded by armed soldiers, the sick experience a  merciless descent into a living hell, where dignity, respect and human pity are overshadowed and finally replaced by the violence of primal needs and insticts, of the strong and their abuse of power. However, the solidarity and love of a few unites and holds a small group of survivors together and later these few find their sight restored and return to live in the world with ‘new eyes’.

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