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Maratona di New York / New York Marathon
/ Maratona di New York / New York Marathon
Theatre on a stopwatch: Teatro Incerto stage a Friulian version of Edoardo Erba’s play about a race that becomes a metaphor for life itself.
year 2002
text Edoardo Erba
directed by Rita Maffei
cast Fabiano Fantini and Claudio Moretti
set & lighting design lighting design by Alberto Bevilacqua, sound and lighting provided by Luigina Tusini
additional details translation in Friulian by Paolo Patui
production Teatro Incerto / CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG
Two friends are running through the countryside at night in training for the most famous amateur marathon race in the world. Their strides are long, their words few - just enough to keep them from feeling lonely, to allay fatigue. But when the pace gets tougher, when they begin to lose their breath, it is words that prevail. Then, like the tick of a stopwatch, threads of thought begin to beat more strongly and as they share memories and mutual misunderstandings, the two runners begin to take stock of themselves, of how they measure up to others, of the sense and meaning of their actions, of the little details that don’t seem to add up. As their sweat runs colder and their spleens start to ache, their training reaches a dramatic climax. In the darkness of the night and the blur of the thick descending fog, they can no longer make out their surroundings, all the usual points of reference lost. Their words become breathless, presage to a tragedy that can be perceived from their broken sentences, gasping breath and hearts pumping on empty; from the noise, perhaps only imaginary of  crunching metal. This enthralling play by Edoardo Erba (winner of the 1992 Premio Candoni Arta Terme award for new theatre writing - the characters then played by Luca Zingaretti and Bruno Armando) returns to  the Teatro Contatto and opens for the first time at the Teatro Pasolini. This time it is Fabiano Fantini and Claudio Moretti, the acting duo from Teatro Incerto, who are running the race in this stopwatch piece of theatre. The play, translated by Paolo Patui specifically for Teatro Incerto, is directed by Rita Maffei. A stage play and sports training session rolled into one, New York Marathon is a drama in  real time about two competitive spirits battling it out on stage, a metaphor for life lived as a race, as competition, as something to be hurriedly consumed. Far too hurriedly.

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