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Muradôrs / Brickies
/ Muradôrs / Brickies
Building on the extraordinary success of the Friulian version of Maratona di New York / New York Marathon by Edoardo Erba, which has now been touring for four years, Rita Maffei returns to direct Fabiano Fantini and Claudio Moretti in another Erba play.
year 2006
text Edoardo Erba
translated by Fabiano Fantini and Claudio Moretti
directed by Rita Maffei
cast Fabiano Fantini, Camilla Frontini and Claudio Moretti
additional details assistant to the Director - Erika Antonelli
production CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia / Teatro Incerto

Muradôrs sees CSS’s Rita Maffei return to direct the Teatro Incerto acting duo, Fabiano Fantini and Claudio Moretti, whom she directed in Maratona di New York / New York Marathon, in another comedy by Edoardo Erba. The play, originally written in the Roman dialect and here translated into the Friulian language, recounts an improbable day in the working life of two bricklayers who have been hired by a shady building contractor to carry out some unauthorised building work under cover of night. The plot, which is breathtaking in its inventiveness and quite different from the situations typically described in Erba’s other plays, is related in the down- to- earth language of the two protagonists, their quick fire  dialogue sparkling with delicious wit and irony. This “off the books” assignment involves the pair in a night of illegal work to build a wall to close off the proscenium of a heritage listed theatre building which is no longer in use and is about to be turned into a supermarket warehouse - it’s dirty business and the long night proves full of surprises. Fabiano Fantini, Claudio Moretti and Camilla Frontini (who plays the beguiling Miss Julie, a character intentionally lifted from the pages of Strindberg) breathe life into this charming and popular drama, a drama which gives the actors the opportunity to talk about the present - about the difficulties, anxieties and neuroses we experience, about our lives as workers - in a way that is both imaginative and rich in ironic wit. 


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